Search Engine Optimization for Beginners

You may have heard about search engine optimization before, sometimes it’s called SEO. Whatever term you know it but, they basically mean the same thing. What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization according to Wikipedia is a process whereby the visibility of a website or blog is affected in the unpaid section of a search engine’s result. Does that make sense? Here is a little breakdown of what that means, SEO is simply a process where you upgrade the content of your website or blog site that major search engines will love to show your website as one of their top result for searches of a specific keyword. Continue reading “Search Engine Optimization for Beginners”



Natural language Processing (NLP) is defined as an aspect of artificial intelligence that aids computer systems to comprehend, translate and interpret human languages. This processes helps to fill the space between human and computer language. It can also be defined one of ways through which computer systems analyze, and make meaning out of the human languages in a way that makes sense to the computer. That is basically what the process is all about; NLP and machine languages are crucial for developers and it serves many purposes, all of this will be discussed later in this article. Continue reading “NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING”

Mobile App Development for Small Business

You may want to develop a Mobile App for your small business, or you are a developer who was contracted to do so. You have not done this kind of job before, and you want to know how you can get it done. Before moving on to give you some tips, you need to understand that small businesses need to have mobile apps because it helps to boost their businesses. Here are some few tips. Continue reading “Mobile App Development for Small Business”