Hadoop for Beginners

When you enter the world or data management you will hear terms like big data, data mining, data service, python and the rest of them. You may also come across big software companies like pivotal software also you will definitely come across Hadoop. This is a very important part of big data management. It had a weird name but that does not diminish its importance. Continue reading “Hadoop for Beginners”


Introduction: The world is going digital and every time you hear people talking about data and many other words that they normally use. With the increase in the population of the world so does the amount of data in the world increases. Some companies handle big amounts of data and sometimes some of the data they have is unnecessary so they employ analytics to help to sort out what they have to bring out the relevant information in them. There are many terms used to describe this process, some call it data science while others call it data mining. Both terms are similar though but this article will focus mainly on data mining. Continue reading “DATA MINING”



Natural language Processing (NLP) is defined as an aspect of artificial intelligence that aids computer systems to comprehend, translate and interpret human languages. This processes helps to fill the space between human and computer language. It can also be defined one of ways through which computer systems analyze, and make meaning out of the human languages in a way that makes sense to the computer. That is basically what the process is all about; NLP and machine languages are crucial for developers and it serves many purposes, all of this will be discussed later in this article. Continue reading “NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING”

What Is Elasticsearch & How Can It Be Useful?

Certain products that involve search engines with large databases and e-commerce are now faced with a problem that says product information retrieval is taking too long. The problem results in bad user experience and therefore turns off your potential customers.

The lag in search is caused by a relational database that is used in designing the product – the data is situated within several tables and to successfully collect useful user information, it must be taken from across each table simultaneously. Relational base becomes so slow when collecting search result from database queries as well as when collecting huge data. Businesses are now searching for alternate ways of storing their data that allows quick retrieval, and this is where NoSQL comes into play. Elasticsearch or ES is one of such NoSQL databases for distributions. ES depends on flexible data models to update and build customer’s profile as well as meeting the low latency needed engagement in real-time and the demanding workloads.
Continue reading “What Is Elasticsearch & How Can It Be Useful?”