Hadoop for Beginners

When you enter the world or data management you will hear terms like big data, data mining, data service, python and the rest of them. You may also come across big software companies like pivotal software also you will definitely come across Hadoop. This is a very important part of big data management. It had a weird name but that does not diminish its importance.

What is Hadoop?

Hadoop is simply a processing framework that helps to manage data processing and also aids the storage of data in systems that have a large amount of data. Hadoop is the one the most important framework in the world of technology and it helps to do so many things in the aspect of data analysis and even data mining and machine languages applications. Visualization is one of the by-products of Hadoop and also it leads to deep learning.

Modules of Hadoop

Hadoop has four basic modules and these modules have a specific task that it is made to carry out in the whole framework of data analysis.

Distributed File-System

This is one of the most important module of Hadoop. This system helps to store data in a format that is easily accessible in different storage devices that are linked to each other. What this simply means is that this module helps to store the same type of files in different storage devices. So basically this module in the Hadoop helps with storage of data and this prepares the data to undergo deep learning that will facilitate the process of interpreting the data.


Basically thus helps to look through the available data. It helps to assess the data. This module does two basic things: It reads the data obtained from the database of the computer system and then it interprets the data and puts it in an understandable form like a map. It also carries out mathematical operations and statistical evaluations. This module is the second most important one and it uses tools like python to achieve its goals of visualization and deep learning so as to comprehend the data made available.

Hadoop Common

This is another module in Hadoop and Jr Hekosbro provide the tools that the computer will use to interpret the data that is stored in the file system that was earlier mentioned. This module is not very important but it’s still a component of Hadoop


This is the last module and its role is to manage system resources, it also helps to run data analysis using various tools like python.

There are various other aspects of Hadoop but this four are the main modules.

Application of Hadoop

Hadoop has so many applications as it integrates many tools like python and companies like pivotal software use it. Its applications include and are not limited to:

  1. Assess Life threatening situations e.g. Hospital Emergencies.
  2. Identifying breach in the computer system.
  3. It can be used to curb hardware failure.
  4. It is used to get feedback from customers so you can know what they think about your product
  5. It can be used to determine when to sell a product and or service.