Natural language Processing (NLP) is defined as an aspect of artificial intelligence that aids computer systems to comprehend, translate and interpret human languages. This processes helps to fill the space between human and computer language. It can also be defined one of ways through which computer systems analyze, and make meaning out of the human languages in a way that makes sense to the computer. That is basically what the process is all about; NLP and machine languages are crucial for developers and it serves many purposes, all of this will be discussed later in this article.

Applications of NLP

Machine Translation

There is so much information on the internet and the truth is that all of these information is for us. It is one thing to have access to tons of information and it’s another thing to be able to comprehend what you read. The NLP tool helps you to do machine language translation. This helps you to overcome any form of language barrier that you encounter when trying to access the information on the net. It helps you to make meaning out of what you get and not have to deal with jargons

Sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis is a form of natural language analysis that helps you to pinpoint the sentiment that is contained in a post or in different posts. This ultimately helps you to understand the emotional state of the person who made the post. This is normally employed by forms so as to know what the customer feels about their new products and services. This analysis is not 100% accurate as it may not even depict the emotional state of the person accurately only passed on what the person uploaded or typed online.

Automatic summarization

There is so much information online as earlier stated and when you try to search for a specific information, you run into some kind of difficulty because you will find so much info on just one subject matter.  Natural language processing is used for automatic summarization, this helps to summarize the meaning of the different documents online and also helps to find the emotional meaning behind the information.  Basically it helps you to summarize all the information gotten on the net based on the specific subject you searched on.

Question Answering (QA)

The NLP tool can be applied in question answering, QA is becoming popular in several applications, popular ones like Siri has changed the path of technological advancements. A QA application has the ability to answer to the request made by a human being; this can be through text or voice dialog. It looks as though they are already fully developed in our world today, but the truth is, there is still so much to be done in that aspect. Tools like natural language processing and natural language analysis help developers to fine-tune the Q/A applications especially when it is used for search engines. NLP and machine languages are very important in the world of technology and will receive more attention in the coming years.

NLP Libraries

There are some NLP libraries in the world, some of them are open source and help with providing free NLP API and also helps to build NLP and they include:

a) Apache OpenNLP: This fool helps to provide many features like named entity extraction, speech tagging, conference resolution and many more.

b) Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK): This library contains many modules and they are used for processing text, tagging, parsing, tokenizing and many others.

c) MALLET: This one is A Java package, it give you the following: document classification, topic modelling, information extraction and many other things.

There are many other NLP libraries all around the world and the help in building Natural language processing and also aids Natural language analysis.