Why You Need SEO and Its Benefits

SEO is one of the ways through which you can increase the popularity of your website in Charlotte. You may have heard about SEO before and you are wondering why you need it, here are a few reasons.

People click on the first five top search results.

SEO is basically a process through which you increase your visibility in search engines especially major ones like google. A research was conducted and it was discovered that 90% of the users of search engines click on the first five top results that show when they search for a keyword. This means that if your website is not about the top five or even top eight, you would not get many visitors through organic search engines.  But if you use search engine optimization and other places you will get your website to the top of search engine results hence increasing the number of persons that visit your website and this means more money for you. Continue reading “Why You Need SEO and Its Benefits”