Woocommerce Development

Gone are the days we see WordPress as an ordinary publishing platform. It is currently believed to be one of the important and most powerful CMS – little wonder why fortune 500 companies such as Mashable, BBC, TechCrunch, CNN, etc. now use the almighty WordPress for their sites. People were skeptical in the past to use WordPress in building their e-commerce site, but the scenario has changed now, all thanks to WooCommerce – WordPress is now a beloved platform for lots of small and large e-commerce store owners.

What exactly made WordPress extremely popular just like that? Here are few points:

Very easy to configure, install and use

Anyone using WordPress will agree that it is extremely easy to use, you don’t have to know a single line of code before you can create a site with WordPress. However, If you have certain demands, you may need to hire professionals that can create your website and provide customizations that go with your business model. With WordPress, you can monitor your sales, add products, and get everything you need to run, manage and expand your store successfully.

Get access to lots of e-commerce themes and plugins

If there is anything that made WordPress so great, it is their array of plugins and themes. Using some unique themes, your e-commerce store can look very professional. You can as well use plugins that depict the purpose of your website. There are many companies out there who provide plugin development for WordPress at low cost – with these plugins, you can turn a common store into a super successful e-commerce shopping site.

Low monthly fee

Lots of the e-commerce platforms we see today usually demand a store hosting fee and an overall monthly fee, which might be a problem for small business owners until they start to get sales. But things are different with WordPress, you only pay for what you need, and that includes plugins, themes, and domain name – all of which are onetime payment.

You get all the support you require

WordPress is an open-source platform, so you’re able to modify the source code to meet up with your business needs. A community of like-minded people is always available to help you whenever the going gets tough. Furthermore, you get absolute control over your store, and you’re not bothered by the stringent rules and commercial restrictions that some e-commerce firm impose.

SEO friendly

WordPress provides you with every single tool you need to rank your store on search engines. WordPress has a complete package for your business if you value SEO but the reverse might be the case with other platforms. WordPress helps take care of lots of SEO related troubles and problems.

WordPress can easily be integrated with your current website

One of the best reasons people prefer WordPress is because you can easily and effortlessly integrate it to your existing store. If by chance you’ve designed your store on other platform and you want to migrate to WordPress, you don’t have to redesign it – the simple solution is for you to install Woocommerce plugin, get a Woocommerce development professional to handle it and you’re good to go. Woocommerce easily blends with your existing store and that explains why it has been the favorite of many e-commerce developers and store owners, we all love to have total control over our business and Woocommerce gives you just that.

Who should use Woocommerce?

You need Woocommerce if:

  • You need a flexible, extensible and an accessible plugin equipped with additional shipping methods and specific payment gateways.
  • You like to monitor the statistics and performance of your store via reports and smart dashboard.
  • You like to customize your store with a widget and inbuilt shortcodes or you need a customized WordPress theme designed specifically for Woocommerce.
  • You need an efficient, strong and intuitive e-commerce solution using one of the best practices both on the back and the front end.